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Ecobox——full of Innovation and development

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The achievement of corporate competitiveness depends on the cells of innovation.

Undoubtedly, innovation is the prerequisite for development. Only when the enterprise catches up with the trend of the times can it go further and longer. Since its establishment, based on innovative ideas,Ecobox has created the only market of gravity box in China . After continuous development, its products are popular all over the world. With the continuous changes of the market, Ecobox has also continued to innovate and follow the trend of the times to implement  innovation idea.


Recently, based on foreign markets, Ecobox has innovated three types of bulk food bins ,adapted to different markets and promoted ‘Made in China’ to the world.


For countries with humid environments such as Malaysia, the storage of dry goods is particularly important. However, ordinary food bins can no longer meet the requirements of highly humid countries. To this end, Ecobox has innovated a food bin with a strong seal, which greatly improves the effectiveness of dry goods storage.

gravity bin

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