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Department of Foreign Trade Annual Meeting In 2020

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On January 21, 2021, the Department of Foreign Trade held its annual year-end summary and 2021 departmental plan. In 2020, an extraordinary year, under the influence of various uncertain factors such as the epidemic situation, all members of the Department of Foreign Trade have completed the extraordinary annual sales tasks as scheduled. In accordance with the needs of the current epidemic, the company actively responded to and implemented the spirit of relevant government documents, cancelled the company's annual meeting dinner party, and minimized company events with more than 10 people to avoid large-scale gatherings of people. Therefore, there are two main items for the department's annual meeting. 1. The members of the department sum up their annual work tasks in turn and plan their work plans for the coming year. 2. Give cash rewards and certificates to the top three and most improved employees in 2020 performance and take a group photo.


2020 has quietly ended, and 2021 has arrived. We will take this department’s annual work summary as an opportunity to continue to increase our efforts to develop the international market, build our brand, and strive for greater breakthroughs in the future. Currently, foreign epidemics still exist, which is both a challenge and an opportunity. We will continue to innovate working methods, increase investment in product research and development, strictly control product quality, and continue to provide customers with quality services and better product experience. Let us now unite as one to achieve our future goals. Honor belongs to the past, and only struggle belongs to tomorrow. In 2021, let us continue to write new glory together.


Here, as the Lunar New Year of the Ox is approaching, all employees of  Jiangxi Eco Industrial Co., Ltd. sincerely wish you a happy New Year, auspicious Year of the Ox, good health, a happy family, and all the best! Also wish our great motherland prosperous , Prosperous and strong.

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